This season is Kyrie Irving's ninth season after he entered the league as the "top pick"; now the basketball team is his third employer in his career. Although at present, because of the injury to the right shoulder, the 6-time All-Star point guard is still on the sidelines for the time being, for a player who has already won the first championship of his career at the age of 23, as long as he is on the sidelines, the future competitiveness of this team is absolutely worth looking forward to.


From the shoes point of view, Irving and his Nike Kyrie series have been constantly creating the brand, as well as the history of their NBA player spokesmen. According to previous data, Kyrie Irving is the 20th player in Nike basketball to have a personal signature shoe.


Take a look at the history of Nike's personal signature shoes for elite players on the basketball court, as well as its exclusive equipment. It seems that the node of Nike Kyrie 5 and Nike Kyrie 6 is a key watershed. In fact, taking Nike's signing spokesperson as an example, many of the signature footwear series of great stars have stopped abruptly or continued to move towards a more "flourishing" future when they reached this stage.



As you know, both "penny" anfernee Hardaway and Scottie Pippen didn't have their sixth generation signature shoes in their player era. Even if the popularity is as strong as Vince Carter, the signature shoe series will come to an end in five generations.

Nike Kyrie Shoes 6-CNY ER 

On the other hand, the air jordan 6 has witnessed Jordan's first championship in his career. The zoom kobe 6 has set a new standard for the new era of low top boots. The birth of LeBron 6 also marks that LBJ series has officially become a brand under the banner of the brand, equipped with the top-level footwear technology That is to say, the 6th generation of the series is a kind of test scale about the continuous growth of the product line for those who signed up for shoes before or after this.


In November 2019, the 6th generation personal signature shoes of Irving career were officially released. When we see the low-key debut version of the Nike Kyrie 6 "black jet", the design of the shoe and the highly malleable upper structure seem to remind us - before long, the most proud "killer mace" of Kyrie Series in the past - a variety of colorful color versions plan will be fully launched.



Speaking of the colors and versions of the Nike Kyrie shoes, I'm afraid that in the past experience, I'm really going to use Irving's endless way of passing people and action patterns to describe it. From the beginning of Kyrie generation 1 shoes to now, the "versatile personality" and the wide range of versions of Kyrie series are absolutely amazing.


Apart from the simple color matching of different generations, just listing those Kyrie shoe versions that are "classic to find" is enough to show the large amount of information covered by this series - from BHM to N7; from hometown "Australia" to "children's Hospital" charity version; from "kyrache" and "Raygun" that pay homage to the classic old shoes of the brand, to Kobe joint riding version that pay homage to their idols; talking about electricity In the movie, there are exclusive colors and versions of Uncle drew. When it comes to animation, the SpongeBob series is enough to turn you over. In the case of TV series, there are also exclusive versions of friends Plus "what the", commemorative family version, mix and match teammate suit, samurai theme, Egyptian Culture It's all inclusive.


It's no exaggeration to say that today's Kyrie series, in addition to the LBJ series shoes endorsed by LeBron, has become a endorsement series with the largest "creative space" and the most diversified cultural attributes. Among the many versions of Nike Kyrie, one that can't be ignored is the "New Year's version" of China, which is launched every year since the 4th generation and represents more than 20% of the global population.


Although not every generation of Nike Kyrie has launched China Edition, there are many colors and versions related to China in Kyrie series from the early generation to now. Here we summarize it in the form of "one picture". There are both Chinese New Year's edition and Bruce Lee's Edition with strong Chinese symbolic information. As you can see in the picture, in the hot "preheat collection" some time ago, after four Chinese city colors, there are two Nike Kyrie 6 "Chinese New Year" that are the main hit this year, black and yellow.



These two Nike Kyrie 6 CNY models are more detail focused than the previous two CNY versions. As a whole, the shoe continues the multicolor color matching concept of the "preheat collection" 11 city series, as well as the presentation effect of multi-material mix and match. Take the main dark color as an example. On both sides of the shoe are the golden Swoosh with the unique Oriental flame pattern;


On the tongue of the right foot shoe, the logo specially designed for the current CNY version, namely the combination of Hulu, copper coin pattern and 2020 characters, is obviously a symbol of the good wishes and yearnings of "fortune" and "fortune" in China's traditional culture. With such a simple and unique logo, you can decorate and celebrate 2020 - the arrival of the year of the rat in the lunar calendar, which is a very appropriate and in place Chinese shoes.



Most worthy of mentioning is the color pattern inlaid on the vamp and Velcro. This time, Nike redesigned four groups of paper-cut patterns in accordance with the traditional paper-cut style of Yuxian County, Hebei Province. Hidden in the Nike Kyrie 6 CNY upper

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