After the launch of the nike lebron 8, you will find that it still retains the style of the LeBron series, as if a series of major changes this summer did not happen.


Since Jason Petrie began to design nike lebron 7 a year ago, he has integrated his design style into James's signature shoes. Think about the first pair of signature shoes air max STAT 1 of little Si. Is there something in common between them? Now he has become the main designer of the new generation of James signature shoes, there is no reason to completely subvert the previous concept: "my design is not immutable, but I will find the" truth "in the design."

 Nike LeBron 8-Red/White

Therefore, on the nike lebron 8, you will also see the combination of max air 360 and fly line technology, which has become the standard of LeBron series. Whether you like the big air cushion basketball shoes or not, it is undeniable that this is the two most advanced technologies of Nike. It is self-evident how important it is for a pair of basketball shoes to have super shock absorption effect and perfect wrapping stability.


The nike lebron 8 is more sophisticated than you think. It draws on the technology of fashion shoe upper and injection molding technology to create a soft all natural leather upper. The one-piece seamless and breathable mesh inner boots, together with the structural framework of Flywire technology, conform to the ergonomics, making the shoes more comfortable without losing the protection function. How about max air 360 cushioning? In addition, the Nike Air Max LeBron 8 increases the height difference between the sides of the upper and the heel, ensuring stability while allowing athletes to move freely around their ankles and tendons. The upper is made of double density injection molded foam material, which enhances the wrapping and comfort. The staggered arrangement of the shoe eyes makes the shoes more fit. The top shoe eye adopts double pull 8-shaped design, which is convenient for enhancing the locking effect of the laces.


In terms of appearance, due to the presence of max air 360 and Flywire, and the designer intentionally adopts red / black, which is the main color for the Knights and the heat, nike lebron The style of 8 is almost the same as that of the previous work, without any sudden feeling. It's just that the personal logo on the tongue and sole has become a separate lion head pattern - Nike has not started a new design, just "subtracted" James's logo. The Nike swoosh on the side extends back to the heel. This design has appeared in the shoes designed by Nike for Rodman in the past. It represents James' extraordinary speed on the court without losing the sense of retro. as for. The signature label on the back of the tongue, inspired by a custom-made garment off the court, shows the exquisite craftsmanship of this signature shoe.


The functional details around the nike lebron 8 sole embody James' signature shoe. The outsole uses a combination of geometry and an X-shaped (you can also understand the number 8) elastic heel for shock absorption, which can disperse forces and pressures. The elastic deep groove of the forefoot provides the best range of motion control, and the lightweight multidirectional herringbone design is tailored for James to meet the requirements of its first start-up and high-speed direction change.


If you want to see an indestructible signature shoe, you may be disappointed with the nike lebron 8, but for today's James and LeBron collections, stability may be the overriding premise. And it should not disappoint you if you take performance on the pitch as a standard.

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