It's my honor to start with the color matching of nike lebron 10 USA team at the first time (PS: the exact name is because of the gold medal version of nike lebron 10 Olympic Games final). I dare not share the beauty map and evaluation of sneakers with you at the first time. In terms of time, it should be the first one in China and even in the world.

This pair of shoes brings together almost all the latest technology of Nike today! There are Nike + technology combining with the apple OS system to test sports data, improved thickened fuse upper technology, new dynamic Flywire technology during the Olympic Games, and finally the zoom Max full-length air cushion launched by nike lebron 10! Compared with other nike shoes, this configuration is really brutal! Multi map display:

 Nike LeBron 10 usa-White/Dark Blue

Step1: the first thing I saw was the huge box of nike lebron 10. The unscrupulous shopkeeper couldn't find the bag that could hold it. I could only carry the gorgeous shoebox across the streets and alleys, and I didn't know if I had caught the eye of the beautiful woman on the street.

Step 2: the gold medal version of the Olympic Games naturally has gold elements, such as lion's head, hook and shoelace buckle

Step 3: as LeBron's signature shoe, James must have his own elements. In addition to the lion's head logo on it, the most obvious is the large X-generation logo on the sole and the LJ crown on the tongue.

Step 4: after watching the appearance of the shoes, we are now in the performance technology that everyone is most concerned about. The first thing nike lebron 10 sees is the fuse thickened upper. The plastic fuse upper is thickened to the same thickness as the ordinary leather, which continues to be light, wear-resistant and dirt resistant, while greatly enhancing the texture and workmanship of the shoes. Fuse upper has very good air permeability. It's not big to wear pear in summer. Combined with dynamic flyer, the wrapping of the whole pair of shoes is also enhanced.

Step 5: next, watch the built-in dynamic flyer technology of nike lebron 10. Hide a group of dynamic flyers on the left and right inside the fuse upper. The dynamic flyer is the first in Nike Hyperdunk + shoes are used. I tried it on for half a day and felt its effect because it is similar to the four-wheel suspension system (hydraulic or spring system) of the car. Flying lines like rubber or spring can be pulled and decompressed on the other side when one side of the shoes is stressed.

Step 6: Nike + technology comes on the stage. The built-in chip of the shoe and apple suite make your sports data clear to your heart.


Step 7: finally, the nike lebron 10's first full-length zoom max air cushion. I called it zoom + before. It's wrong. Correct it here. From the name, it can be determined that this is the product of zoom combined with air max full-length air cushion. The foot feeling after wearing also confirms that zoom Max is moderate in hardness and softness. It will not step on shit like zoom full-length, and it is much softer and more comfortable than the new Max full-length air cushion. The transparent appearance can let you see the interior structure of zoom, but the exposed air bag will also lead to the decrease of durability! It's said that Kobe 8 will use Luna base, which is more sincere than nike lebron 10!

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