In his 15th year of career and signature boots, James released the nike lebron 15 basketball shoes.


James's comment on the nike lebron 15 basketball shoes is "so far, this is my favorite sneaker". It can be seen that Zhan Huang, who has a high demand for the shoes, scored extremely high on the nike lebron 15 basketball shoes. He added, "the superior performance and exquisite appearance make this pair of shoes attractive on and off the court."


Appearance and fashion are the highlight of the show


There is a steady and radical evolution in performance. In fashion crossover, we have seen a lot of signs. I'm afraid that the combination of nike lebron 15 basketball shoes and fashion world will be very rich. So you should see its body image on the court and on the street next.

 Nike LeBron 15-White/Yellow/Green

With the upgraded flyknit woven material, you can see that the visual expression of the object is more abundant, with more layers and more shapes while improving the sports performance. If the flyknit of different colors are interwoven, the embroidered nike lebron 15 basketball shoes may "dance"!


In your impression, the LeBron series has always been designed for heavy weight. This time, the nike lebron 15 basketball shoes not only retains the explosive max air, but also combines the unit zoom air scheme, with more sensitive and accurate power feedback. It's the game experience this new pair of shoes will bring you!


During LeBron China tour, Jason Petre, the designer of nike lebron 15 basketball shoes, has shown us the air cushion and sole structure. The three cushioning units are combined, with different adjustments in the front, middle and back.


Above the air cushion, there is an anti twist supporting plate, which can cover the range of the middle and rear air cushions.


At present, the actual experience of this hybrid cushioning scheme is not clear, but the expectation index of the small editor is very high!


Vamp technology heralds the birth of next generation flyknit


Thanks to the upgrade of flyknit technology, this application is not a traditional version, but a new version tailored for the actual basketball shoes.


This structure has the characteristics of directional stretching, fit and locking, and long-lasting wear. James himself also said: "the first thing people need to know about the nike lebron 15 basketball shoes is that this new Nike flyknit has never been used in the actual shoes before, and it looks very good. Jason and I have been working together since Lebron 7, and we've been discussing how to make shoes not only perform well, but also have a unique style. We want to design a shoe that makes everyone feel great as soon as they put it on. "


This time we saw the lion's head logo that made LeBron fans excited! On the heel of the sole.


In order to receive multi unit cushioning air cushion upward, the outsole also adopts the separation form, and the texture structure and size of different parts are different.


Integrated body + dynamic lace system

Instead of the traditional tongue, it adopts the integrated design which is very common in recent years. There is no independent tongue. With the combination of dynamic flyer and laces, it should be able to lock the foot firmly and provide the feeling of "people and shoes in one"!


Leather shoes are provided at the tongue and heel for easy on and off, while the durability and texture are upgraded.


Swoosh back

The Nike swoosh is wrapped around the heel, which is not a competition. It makes the aggressive upper the main line of vision, and undoubtedly reserves more space for more brilliant and gorgeous upper creation!

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