Recently, Nike launched a new series of running shoes based on new cushioning technology, Nike joyride run FK running shoes (men's / women's) have been launched to Nike members. Students interested in joyride cushioning technology can experience it. In addition, according to the official website, there are four other running shoes of Nike  joyride run FK, which will go on sale in August.

 Nike Joyride Run FK-White/Light Blue

Nike Joyride run FK cushioning technology is composed of several TPE foam cushioning particles. Nike has a wide range of zoned cushioning pods in the midsole with TPE cushioning particles with excellent ductility. So that when users step on, on the one hand, they can enjoy the cushioning effect suitable for everyone, on the other hand, they can control the displacement of cushioning particles and get the best use experience.


The top of the first Nike joyride run FK is made of one-piece upper, which is breathable and comfortable. The back lace frame is added to enhance the stability of the back foot. Four joyride cushions of different sizes and shapes are set from the front to the back of the midsole, and transparent windows are set on the sole and heel side. Nike's Swoosh logo is placed on the side of the midsole to help keep the upper fresh. The outsole fits the rubber of the partition, with fine shading, so as to reduce the weight of the shoes as much as possible. The overall design is professional, fresh and smooth.

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