The absolute leader of Golden State Warriors, the leader of the trend of the small ball era, and the core engine of the five-star warriors are constantly breaking a record created by the marksman Ray Allen. These titles are all used to describe a person Stephen curry.


Today's article will tell you about the latest UA curry 6 basketball shoes.


UA curry 6 basketball shoes is probably the most gripping pair of shoes in a long time. Whether it's rough cement ground, smooth paint ground, or plastic ground or indoor wood floor, its gripping power is very good.


In addition to the effectiveness of this design mystery, the material of UA currency 6 basketball shoes is also very good, even if there is dust on the site, it will not seriously absorb dust.


This pair of shoes uses full-length HOVR in the midsole configuration, but this time, the HOVR used on the basketball shoes cannot be compared with the HOVR on the running shoes, which is very hard.

 UA Curry 6-White/Sky Blue

The start, reaction and transition from the back to the forefoot are very smooth, and the overall circular outsole design can bring a good landing angle.


The upper of UA curry 6 basketball shoes is made of one-piece sock cover, which is mainly made of fabric materials. Some targeted pressing glue and nylon support are made on the inner side. The first feeling of this pair of shoes is that the upper is very thin and the overall weight is very light. The weight of a 44.5-yard single is about 377g.


The outsoles of the forefoot and forefoot are very wide, and the hard midsole is matched with this very large outer TPU support plate. This support plate extends longitudinally from the side of the heel to the position where the forefoot is close to the toe, and is horizontally connected to the arch of the foot, covering a very large area. This overall configuration gives UA curry 6 basketball shoes a very good foot stability and excellent anti rotation of the midsole.

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