Cheap air max 97 has always been my favorite shoe. After all, cheap air max 97 has a high appearance value. Today, I bring you a new color air max 97, golden yellow. Is this pair of cheap air max 97 mustard good-looking? Does the air max 97 gold look good? Let's take a look at the cheap air max 97 mustard.


 Cheap Air Max 97-Brown/Yellow/White

Cheap air max 97 shoes with this yellow color are just out of the water. The shoes are in pure yellow, even the air column in the iconic max air cushion is also in yellow, and the 3M reflective strip of the signboard is still loaded



Yellow makes people have a lot of desire. The women's version has updated the insole to make the foot feel more outstanding


Cheap air max 97 mustard has a very high upper foot appearance value, and it is also an eye-catching tool out of the street


What are the differences between air max 97 and 98

Air max 97 and 98 are not much different in technology. Air cushions are basically the same (hard)

97 color recommended in silver, of course, if you have money, the undefeated co brand series ow co brand is also very good-looking

Shoe design language 97 is from Shinkansen, Japan.See Other cheap air max shoes.