The most complete update in the history of air max running shoes


Background: the cheap air max shoes released by Nike in 1987 marks the beginning of visible technology. Since then, Nike has not stopped the technical research and development project of the series since the advent of the cheap air max shoes series. Each generation of cheap air max shoes has been improved on the basis of the previous, providing stronger cushioning and demonstrating more and more innovative ability.


From air max 1 (1987), air max 90 (1990), air max 180 (1981), air max 93 (1993), air max 95 (1995),cheap air max 97 (1997) to now full-length air max 360, air max 2009 +, cheap air max shoes has realized the technology of air cushion wrapping the whole heel, and the shape has developed to a relatively perfect stage.

 Cheap Nike Air Max 95-Yellow

Configuration: air max - King of air cushion: inject the gas of Nike macromolecule into the hard synthetic rubber air bag in a high-pressure way, and the gas in the air cushion will not be lost due to external impact


Appearance: 18-22mm surface with seam


Air cushion pressure: 5 pounds, 10 pounds, 20 pounds, 25 pounds. The composition of different pressure chambers provides different special shock absorption. 5 pounds of low-pressure chambers greatly improve the comfort of sports. 25 pounds of high-pressure chambers can enhance the stability of sports shoes


Advantages: the maximum cushioning can reduce the impact force of feet when landing. The qigong pad contains air chambers with different pressures, and provides different shapes of max air, allowing consumers to have different choices for different needs


Maximum protection: 35% more cushioning than the previous air cushion, making the wearer's feet more protected

Maximum comfort: air cushion can effectively reduce the impact force and make the wearer get the maximum comfort

Maximum stability: high pressure air chamber, providing shock absorption and stability, providing users with better stability and control force when moving

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