Get started with the lebron james shoes 17

After that, we started to dismantle the box as soon as we finished unpacking. We have to say that the quality is really good, but the whole thing is still quite difficult to dismantle. Here's a detailed breakdown of lebron james shoes 17


The whole design is similar to that of full-length inner boots, and the vamp is divided into two layers


The outer upper is divided into two areas: ordinary flyknit (black) and knitposite (color)


After disassembly, it is found that the color area has a hard coating on the outside and a yarn on the inside. The strength of the coated part is higher, but the black area without coating still has good ductility


While the inner upper has high overall strength and poor ductility. It is felt that the overall strength of the upper is mainly guaranteed by the layer upper


A silicone material is added between the inner and outer upper to fill the gap created by the bulge of the outer upper


See the lebron james shoes 17 There are three kinds of materials used in the outer part of the forefoot, from top to bottom, they are Phylon rubber (red area), TPU support strip (blue area), and silica gel material (yellow area), which is used to wrap the zoom. At the beginning, we also used this transparent material as a soft TPU, but in the subsequent disassembly process, we found that this material is actually soluble by sol agent Solved.


Compared with the nike air max 270 running shoes, the air cushion area of the lebron james shoes 17 covers the arch of the foot, which improves the overall torsional resistance of the shoes to a certain extent. Under the air max 270 air cushion of the back foot, there is a separate Phylon material, and the back is James's signature which can be seen from the opening of the outsole



Although the lebron james shoes 17 claims to use the new knitposite technology on the upper, it still has some gimmick elements after being disassembled. Although the coating area is indeed of high strength, the overall strength is mainly guaranteed by the inner upper.


Although the outer side of the forefoot has been wrapped on the basis of the common problems of the previous two generations, and the outsole also has a prominent anti roll design, the material of the wrapping is soft, and the width of the forefoot sole is not enough, and the center of gravity is still relatively high.


For the first time, 270 air cushion is applied to basketball shoes in the midsole. Although the foot feel is improved, it is more reflected in the visual impact.


Of course, these are just some preliminary analysis after dismantling. We will reveal whether it will be really fragrant in the future evaluation.

Lebron 17 Basketball Shoes-Black/Gold/Purple