In June 2019, LeBron James came to Nike's global headquarters in beverton, Oregon, where he saw his latest signature basketball shoe, LeBron 17 basketball shoes for the first time. From the fragmentary information on the social network, we can see that James's firm determination to pursue speed and support is hidden behind the upgrade.


"As for James' 17th generation signature shoes, we actually have a blueprint in mind for a long time. It's all from the beginning, whether it's the construction of a woven upper or the air cushion in the midsole that protects James's feet. " Jason Petrie, the designer of LeBron 17, said, "this pair of shoes sets a new standard for James' signature shoes, which is also a new exploration of how to better improve the performance of players in the future."


Here are five key points you need to know:


1. LeBron series has the largest max air unit in history. James first put on the shoes with such a large volume of max air technology. The air cushion unit is set in the back palm to ensure sufficient cushioning for his explosive field movement. A soft foamed material is directly under the air cushion for better cushioning.


"By watching the evolution of LeBron's Signature Series, you can see how much he loves max air. He can feel that the air cushion unit in LeBron 17 basketball shoes can provide the stability and support he needs," Petrie said.


2. The forefoot has two independently set Zoom Air Unit


The combination of Zoom Air Technology and max air technology provides ultra-high cushioning. The zoom air unit in the forefoot allows James to get accurate and effective cushioning support in high-speed motion.


"The inner and outer units of the forefoot provide James with quick rebound support for better comfort with the max air unit in the back." "For James, what he wants most is confidence and security from head to toe," Petrie said. He doesn't need shoes that make him jump higher. He just wants to be more comfortable when he lands. "

3. New knitposite upper Technology



Based on the bartleknit 2.0 adopted by the LeBron 16 upper, the new LeBron 17 basketball shoes combines the lightweight flyknit weave structure with the hot-melt weave to present different shapes and colors on the upper. This upper offers durability, support and stretch resistance.


"We want to combine the fabric design of the 15th generation with the strength of the 16th generation vamp and get a very good effect. After the influence of high temperature is added to the knitting process, we get a kind of jewel like exoskeleton armor structure, which is actually made of yarn. " "In certain places, it can be both strong and comfortable," Petrie said


4. Represent James's personal details on the tongue



LeBron 16 has a lion relief on the heel, and a silhouette of James dunking on the sole. LeBron 17 basketball shoes moves these details to the tongue and adds new elements of words and symbols such as "I'm king", "LJ", "23".


"James wants to be more outspoken, which gives us a good chance to show his personal element." Of course, there are other details that are not so easy to observe. The zigzag collar is obviously our crown inspired design with a woven logo on the inside that shows color inspiration - it's like the key to this pair of shoes. "


5. LeBron 17 basketball shoes is available on September 24, 2019

Lebron 17 basketball Shoes-White/Black