According to worldometer world real-time statistics, as of around 6:30 on April 28, Beijing time, more than 1 million cases have been confirmed in the United States, reaching 1004942, with 56527 deaths. What happened? What happened in America? Pray for the epidemic to pass as soon as possible. When it's calm, we can run in the cheap air max 97 shoes and play basketball in the cheap nike basketball shoes.


Here are some novel coronavirus basic protective measures that are helpful to you:


wash hands more often


If the hands are not clear and dirty, always clean them with alcohol free hand sanitizer or with soap and water.


Rationale: hand cleaning with alcohol based hand sanitizer or hand washing with soap and water can kill the virus on your hands.


Keep social distance

Keep at least 1 meter (3 feet) away from others, especially people with coughs, sneezes and fever.


Reason: when people with respiratory diseases such as 2019 ncov cough or sneeze, they will spill droplets containing virus. If you are too close, you may inhale the virus.


Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth

Rationale: hand contact with many surfaces that may be contaminated by the virus. If you touch the eyes, nose and mouth with contaminated hands, you may be infected by the virus left on the surface of the object.


Keep good respiratory hygiene habits

Make sure that you and the people around you keep good respiratory hygiene habits. When sneezing or coughing, cover the mouth and nose with bent elbow, or use paper towel and dispose of the used paper towel immediately.


Reason: droplets can spread the virus. Novel coronavirus should be protected from the virus and respiratory diseases.


If you have fever, cough and breathing difficulties, please see a doctor early

If you have travelled in China where the 2019 ncov outbreak is reported, or have been in close contact with people who have recently come from China with respiratory symptoms, please let the medical staff know.


Reason: fever, cough and dyspnea may be symptoms of respiratory infection or other serious diseases, so it is important to see a doctor in time. Respiratory symptoms with fever may have multiple causes. According to the specific analysis of personal travel experience and environment, 2019-ncov may be one of the causes of respiratory symptoms.


Keep informed and follow the advice of the medical staff

Keep abreast of the latest developments of coronavirus disease in 2019. Follow the advice provided by healthcare personnel, national and local public health authorities or employers on how you and others can prevent 2019 coronavirus disease.


Rationale: national and local authorities have the latest information on whether 2019 coronavirus disease is spreading in your area. They are most qualified to advise residents of your area on how to protect themselves.