EVA cream compresses over time and cheap air max shoes loses its cushioning ability, so Nike designers alien Air technology aback in the backward '70s with the Tailwind shoe -afterwards fabricated accepted with the Air Force 1 and Air Jordan shoes. Nike designers replaced some of the EVA with baby encapsulated air in polyurethane accoutrements and created a lighter, added durable, and bigger absorptive shoe.

The new Air Max 360 replaces all of the cream with a affection Air Sole.Testing the air When Nike contacted me to try out the 360s, I knew I could accord them an honest assessment. Although I'm not a determined runner, I've run abundant to acknowledge affection shoes. I've been active for about 20 years and currently run bristles afar already or alert a anniversary with the accidental 5K or 10K race. I like to run, but accumulate it adequately ablaze because it's a little too adamantine on my 40-something joints.

Since I'm a pronator, which agency my basal tends to circle inwards aback I bang the ground, I about attending for well-cushioned shoes that accommodate stability. Cushioning is decidedly important for me aback I run on about alone on city or cement.

Durability is additionally important, as I've abstruse the adamantine way that aback the cream wears out, cushioning decreases, and I'm added decumbent to injuries like shin splints. Not to mention, the beneath generally I accept to buy shoes, the better.

First off I noticed the 360s were abundant lighter than my accepted New Balance active shoes (with an EVA cream midsole). While the Nike sole is see through, it's thicker and you can't angle it or aberration it the way you can with my EVA cream shoes.

The 360s fit snugly, abnormally in the heel. I don't accept decidedly advanced feet, but had to dabble with the laces a little afore dialing in the appropriate fit. I chose thinner socks than accepted to get it aloof right. Best activity is that my basal didn't accelerate about in the shoe -which happens generally no bulk how abundant I bind the laces. No heel blisters with these.

I ran a abbreviate two-mile collapsed avenue aloof to get the feel of them afore hitting the harder testing course. Although the 360s acquainted a little annealed the aboriginal time, it abandoned took a few runs afore they acquainted close and comfy.

The complete test I chose my high-impact active avenue to absolutely analysis them. It's a 5.5-mile avenue that covers a array of terrain: abrupt acclivous and downhill, adhesive sidewalk, asphalt, asperous clay trails and grass. The best cogent allotment of my avenue -- and a abundant abode to analysis cushioning -- is the abrupt decline area that usually jars the heck out of me.

My accomplish acquainted absorptive afterwards activity too spongy. There's abundant cushioning but not abundant to feel like you're active on a pillow.The cushioning is added adaptable than fluffy, so you don't feel like you're crumbling energy.

On the asperous sections of my run, the shoes acquainted actual stable. In my accepted shoes I brace my ankles a bit added on these sections, but the 360s acquainted added abiding and accustomed me to relax my ankles. The accurate analysis for cushioning was a abrupt half-mile decline city area at the end of my run. I'm blessed to address the Nikes absolutely abject the appulse bigger than my accepted shoes. I usually feel some aches and pains (usually my knees and shins) here, but not so with the 360s.I approved on my added brace of active shoes afterwards acid the 360s for a few weeks and my old shoes acquainted ambiguous and chiffon in comparison.

Funny, because they didn't decidedly feel that way afore aggravating the 360s. Now I'm spoiled.

Designed for comfort

Nike describes the Air Max 360 as a anniversary for runners, accouterment a abounding air cushioning arrangement in abode of cream -- giving runners "360 degrees of Nike Air cushioning." Because testing showed that cream compresses up to 40 percent afterwards 300 miles, the 360's Air Sole allows the shoe to accomplish as able-bodied on the 301st mile as it does on the first.

In addition, the 360 is additionally advised to be added adjustable in the forefoot, to acquiesce for a added accustomed ambit of motion and bigger accord with burden credibility in the basal-- angle grooves on the sole acquiesce for this. The shoe is acquainted accurately for gender and shoe admeasurement for added appulse protection. A seamless beat liner helps annihilate chafe and midfoot fiber loops accommodate a bigger fit

Nike Air Max 200s-Rice White/Black/Red