The air max 97 is the first Nike running shoe with a full-length air unit. Although the air max95 & 96 launched before it has a breakthrough, it is a front and back split shape air unit after all, so when the 97 came out, it was visually full of technology. Vaguely remember the first time I saw it on the counter shelf when I was curious - full-length air cushion! Will it play q? Would it be comfortable? Would it be like stepping on a cloud?


The answer, of course, is No.


The sole of the cheap air max 97 is much harder than the air max 95, or even harder than the cheap air max 90. If only from the comfort point of view, 97's ranking in the whole air max series is very low.


However, there are some interesting points in the cheap air max 97, such as the design inspiration of Shinkansen train in Japan, and the four 3M reflectors around the shoe are also very handsome. It's quite the coquettish feeling of the technology shoes in the 1990s, but in fact, it's far away. At least two years ago, such a style was quite unpopular. I still vaguely remember that two years ago, a girl said that the air max 97 I was wearing was not ugly but ugly, but she sent a wechat to ask if I could buy it for her.


My first year 97 was in black, gray, fluorescent and green color. It has also been engraved recently. I think Japan's atmos has broken its code. In the first year of that year, I finally cut it with a kitchen knife. When I was a teenager, I wanted to see what was inside the air cushion. I was really disappointed when I cut it. Later, I bought 97og silver bullet at 30% discount in the factory store in about 13 years. Now the color is almost 2000 yuan smaller than the gold code. As an old shoe fan, I can't really understand it.


In addition, 97 actually influenced the design of many later air max series, such as air max98 and air max Deluxe in 1999. The midsole and outsole were completely copied 97, almost unchanged. 00-02 vaguely remembers that the air max series is mainly trying to change its shape, especially that in 2002, several cylindrical air cushions in the midsole were impressive. But I didn't buy a pair of air max after 1997 because I thought they might be as hard as 97. Until the air max 03 was launched, at first I saw a large air cushion in the shape of almost 97 in the midsole, which I really refused at first. But the pearlescent upper that can't stand its coquettish air is too attractive. I found that 03 is much more comfortable than 97 when I tried it on. It's almost from 03 that the comfort of air max series meets my requirements as a sneaker head. 04 basically continued the setting of 03, and the sole didn't change the upper. But in fact, 05 is also an accident. It's neither good-looking nor comfortable to use the retro style, which brings the air max series back to the level in the early 1990s.. Since the beginning of 2006, it has been a qualitative leap, so we will not talk about it.


In a word, back to the core of the question, what are the characteristics of the cheap air max 97 In fact, I can't say what it has. Was the appearance very attractive at that time? No, in 1997, there were too many shoes that looked better than it designed. Is it a connecting link? In fact, I don't think it's the air max95. Think about it, 97 should be characterized by hard bar, is the kind of wear how long will not become soft hard. If comfort is required, 97 is never recommended. If it's just to follow the trend, buy it. Anyway, I can't buy the 30% off cheapair max 97 og silver bullet now.

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