Kyrie Irving 6 shoes is a very popular practical shoe in recent years, and its performance is very favorable to excellent, which is also the effect that Owen himself has been committed to creating The price and performance are very conscientious, so when it is put into the market, it will be so popular. Color matching is also a variety of colors, let's have a look at it!


This Kyrie Irving 6 shoes heals the world. The whole shoe is very bright in color, and the sole looks very solid. The latest Kyrie Irving shoe is used in the body, with a translucent pink strap, which has obvious visual effect on the heel, and symbolizes the world on the inner panel


How to maintain Kyrie Irving 6 shoes? To prevent dirt and wear well, it is necessary to coat the shoes with waterproof coating! And try not to wear it out in rainy days; do not put it into the shoe cabinet after wearing it at will, clean it first and then put it back in the shoe box, so that the shoes can have a long life.

Nike Kyrie Shoes 6-Heal The World