No player in history has anything in common with Durant. God gave him seven feet of height, Freddy Krueger's arm span, long strides, 25 feet of projection, free control. Data controllers call him one of the most efficient strikers in history, while others say he will be part of a 50-40-90 club at the end of his career. He's like a combination of George Gwen, McGrady, Nowitzki and aliens. Imagine if he is healthy, we might remember him with the top five strikers in history.


Nike KD 9 basketball shoes uses flyknit upper, which is the first time Durant's signature shoes use flyknit upper. It is said that Durant's running shoes wear flyknit upper, so he proposed to use this material when participating in the design. Flyknit materials mainly appear on the first half of the Nike KD 9 upper. The concave and convex honeycomb pattern is similar to the enlarged version of the magista upper of football shoes. Although it's made of flyknit, the upper of Nike KD 9 is not as soft as running shoes. Because there is a layer of nylon under the woven upper, the overall strength of the upper is very high, and you don't need to worry about the protection under intense sports. You can feel the lightness and flexibility of this pair of Nike KD 9. When you just put on these shoes, you will feel the firm fit of the upper of your foot, which will make you feel confident in the actual combat.

Nike KD 9-Red 

The front half of the upper is made of honeycomb flyknit material, which corresponds to the honeycomb pattern on the sole. The second half uses similar mesh material and TPU hidden inside the heel, which has a good fixation effect on the heel.


The Nike KD 9 basketball shoes midsole features a new full-length visual fiber Zoom Air cushioning material. Different from the previous use of full-length visual zoom air cushion, Nike KD 9's zoom air cushion adopts a split design in the forefoot part, which uses a groove to separate the air cushion and a conduit to connect the air cushion in the middle. This design really makes my eyes bright. This design greatly enhances the flexibility of the sole, makes the forefoot bend more freely and easier, and solves the problem of the lack of flexibility of the whole zoom air cushion.


The pattern of Nike KD 9 basketball shoes sole is designed as honeycomb shape, which corresponds to the texture of flyknit upper. In fact, the grip is very good in wearing. KD and zoom are also hidden in the sole. In the actual combat, no matter the emergency stop, change direction or start, you can feel the good feedback brought by the contact between the sole and the ground, so that you can do all kinds of actions in the actual combat with ease.