Nike released lebron james shoes 12 at Portland headquarters. In the design, it attaches great importance to the enhancement of explosive force. At the same time, with the new hexagon Zoom Air System cushioning system and dynamic Flywire, hyperposite technology, it greatly improves the cushioning support and flexibility of the shoes, and also reduces the physical injury to the players (after all, basketball has a strong physical antagonism). In appearance, lebron james shoes 12 seems to be less aggressive than the previous generation, but the new megafuse upper will be lighter and more breathable, and Nike also calls it its "peak time", which seems to be quite satisfied with the new work.

 Nike LeBron 12-Blue/Orange

Lebron james shoes 12 sole has multiple hexagonal zoom air cushions distributed to different parts, corresponding to each pressure point of the foot in basketball, so as to provide more targeted cushioning experience.


It is worth mentioning that LeBron James shoes 12 will have 7 colors, including the NSRL inspired by Nike sport research lab, the heart of a lion inspired by the beating heart in red and white, the hummingbird insight, the six meridians symbolizing foot blood flow, and the data element integrated Data, dunk force based on military helicopters, and a trillion dollar man inspired by LeBron

Lebron James Shoes 12