Today, after a lot of requests from friends, let's talk about it. In those days, nike lebron 10 was just like a shoe, which was one of the pinnacles of LeBron series.


After all these years, I'd like to talk about the actual experience of this shoe and some opinions in retrospect.

 Nike LeBron 10-White/Dark Blue

When it comes to nike lebron 10, it really resonates with countless people. The people who wear it all think it's a pair of God shoes. They feel comfortable with their feet and have made a lot of beautiful colors. They didn't buy them back then, but the word-of-mouth is getting better and better. This power of regret and regret has always been in their hearts. Do you have it.


First, let's talk about the face value. Nike lebron 10 uses a lot of irregular triangles and polygons. It looks like a little bit of gem cutting. The lines look smooth and have a cool sense of future and technology. There are many irregular shapes with concave and convex texture on the side large-scale swoosh. Texture and beauty are far ahead of the existing shoes.


In addition to excellent appearance, one of the most important reasons for the numerous circles of powder in that year was the surging foot feeling of this pair of shoes. Nike's first full-length zoom Max technology on the nike lebron 10


Note that the power of zoom lies in the interaction. Your exertion and trampling will give you rebound and response. This is going to be very interesting.


After combining the flexibility of zoom with the structural control of full-length max, the pure cushioning ability of nike lebron 10 is invincible, and you never know its limit.


Regardless of the foot feel and cushioning, this pair of shoes can catch fire to the present. It must also be inseparable from the fmvp of Lianzhuang. The two seasons of 11-12 and 12-13 are the highlight of James' career.