Changing clothes is addictive. Which is the real surprise of LeBron 15 basketball shoes?

If the previous "what the" series is a high-speed road connecting two cities not far away from each other on the map, then the "watch program" series is a state highway with all directions. Admittedly, the LeBron 15 shoe is lucky because Nike has opened a "free door" for it to go to many different times and places. The watch program got its name from LeBron's own TV broadcasts and programs when he was a teenager. He admired and admired many of Nike's classic shoes and famous spokesmen in the 1990s.

 Nike LeBron 15-White

"When I was a kid, it was these athletes and shoes that inspired me to pursue my dreams and one day become a great professional athlete like them." LeBron explains why the watch program series was born.


Perhaps for today's shoe designers, it's becoming more and more difficult to design a shoe that most people think is not bad. Of course, if you are in the shoes designer's position, you may also say something similar in an interview: "the most difficult thing for a designer to surpass is actually himself". But in fact, everyone knows that when an industry or a field develops and accumulates to a certain scale, the difficulty of "Surpassing" will increase, "surpassing yourself" is of course important, but it may be after you reach a standard and catch up with many "others" in the past.


But the world view of ghost in the shell and Neon Genesis Evangelion gives people a new possibility. When "being" and "subjective consciousness" are solved to form the relationship between body and soul, many things will become clearer. Putting a thing into a carrier not only increases the possibility of the thing itself, but also allows more people to understand and accept it. In such an era when everything is running at a high speed, since there are ways to achieve this effect, why not? So, the LeBron 15 basketball shoes appeared


We saw the LeBron 15 basketball shoes, which became a "container" like carrier under the function of the idea called "watch program". When LeBron 15 basketball shoes is infused with the soul of some other shoes Those different glories come naturally.