Nike lebron 10 P.S. elite - heavy armor is unstoppable

The first look at the nike lebron 10 P.S. elite is shocking. It's a shock that extends from vision to mind. In today's fierce playoffs, it's this kind of heavy armor that is necessary for the little emperor's bravery. It's the same as LeBron 10 P.S. elite, which is consistent with LeBron James's fierce style. As an upgraded product of nike lebron 10, many details have changed. The nike lebron 10 P.S. elite, which is very angular behind the armor, is bound to dominate the court with the emperor.

 Nike LeBron 10-Blue/Red/Violet/Green

The nike lebron 10 P.S. elite changes are mainly focused on the upper. Carbon fiber board is embedded in the upper part from the heel to the midfoot. The strong carbon board runs through the heel like armor, from the midfoot to the original vulnerable part of the midsole. Extending from the middle sole to the top, the firm line feeling is from the inside and outside, and the ankles are firmly locked in the shoes. The most powerful protection comes from this. Such a strong armor, the little emperor's arduous way to defend the crown, will definitely have a more wonderful performance.


This time, the designer has changed the toe part of the nike lebron 10 P.S. elite according to the change of material, which is different from the nike lebron 10. The design covering the laces and lifting upward is removed. Kevlar ® Kevlar fiber material is added to the original complex vamp, which has high strength, low density, high temperature resistance and is easy to process and shape. After being customized, this special material is applied to the vamp, adding a certain amount of internal force to the original complex vamp. Not only the upper is made of this material, but the nike lebron 10 P.S. elite's laces are also made of Kevlar ® Kevlar fiber. When the laces are tightened with the use of dynamic flywires under the upper, the feet are tightly fixed in the shoes, and the good wrapping is incisive.


Large capacity zoom air unit, the manufacturer who enjoys the first-class dressing treatment, the high-quality cushioning effect is self-evident. Looking back at the same large-capacity zoom air unit of the previous nike lebron 10, the wonderful feeling of the foot is perfectly copied. On this basis, from the upper to the support, all-round auxiliary protection, and the powerful zoom air unit fight side by side. The most inexplicable assistant on the court.


In front of us, nike lebron 10 P.S. elite pays more attention to the comprehensive protection and support performance in the actual battle. It's a tough road to defend the crown. It's rugged. We put on the armor to change our face and fight for the O'Brien cup, which belongs to the king. We witness the overwhelming road of the king together. Ten years of experience in the king of the league, the all-around assistant nike lebron 10 P.S. elite not only impacts our visual nerve, but also shocks our mind. Such heavy armor is so overwhelming that the king's road is looking forward to.