This pair of Nike joyride run FK, shoebox is nothing special, not because it is equipped with new cushioning technology to make a differential design.


Take out this pair of shoes and you can see that the Nike joyride run FK midsole is the most eye-catching part of this pair of shoes. The whole shoe is a bit like UA curry 6


The so-called new Nike joyride run FK cushioning system is made of these TPE cushioning particles wrapped in transparent materials, which are said to be a mixture of plastic and rubber.

 Nike Joyride Run FK-White/Light Blue

This is the most suitable material for this cushioning technology that the Nike design team has tested about 150 materials.


Nike is also very ambitious indeed. It is very dedicated to the research and development of the cushioning technology of the midsole. It has been known as free, zoom, react, Lunarlon and so on. Now it has joyride. Nike is really a cushioning millionaire.


These little balls in red and blue color can easily remind people of the magic balls and beads in the popular domestic animation "the devil of Nezha comes to the world". Let's call it the hybrid pearl color match.


The Nike joyride run FK has no insoles, just a midsole, so you can get your feet closer to these TPE particles.


The whole sole is divided into four cushioning particle compartments, one for toe, one for forefoot, one for middle foot and one for heel. These four positions are all precisely studied. This design can prevent the excessive displacement of cushioning particles in the sole, causing foot discomfort, and different number of TPE particles are placed in different cushioning particle compartments.


When I just put on the Nike joyride run FK, I felt a strong bulge on the sole of my foot. The heel is very obvious, because about half of the particles are in the heel area. Can't help frowning, why does this pair of shoes appear on the market?


But after a few steps, you can fully understand that these little balls will change shape with your movement, and then fully fit your feet. The feeling of feet is very natural, even more than the feeling of stepping on shit.


It's like a specially designed midsole for your feet. It's like being in your mother's arms and getting your feet into the couch.


I can only say that I have never worn a running shoe with such a sense of foot. I feel that the whole pair of shoes are the shape of the wearer's foot, and the feeling of the integration of feet and shoes is almost the same. You can also shake the sole at any time, put the particles back in place, and start again.


This is what Nike calls "multi dimensional displacement". TPE particles can freely move in all directions when they touch the ground.


Nike joyride run FK is really soft! Extremely! Now! Softer than boost! And the feeling is very three-dimensional. Putting on joyride is like putting on a walking massage bed. It feels very like little Nezha's stomach, knocking q-bombs and thinking Rua!


The Nike joyride run FK is not only suitable for professional runners to relax and run, but also helps rookie runners to explore the fun of running.