Now the pair on my foot is the cheap air max 97, which is the first pair of air max shoes with full-length air cushion. Although the air max 95 before it also has the feeling of full-length air cushion, in fact, the air cushion is still in the form of divided hands.

With the addition of full-length air cushion, the cheap air max 97 is regarded as the most technical shoe in the whole series, but in fact, it's not only the full-length air cushion, but also its shape that makes it have the sense of technology. 

Officially speaking, in that era, the shape of the cheap air max 97 was undoubtedly ahead of its time. From the side of the cheap air max 97, it was very similar to the head of the Shinkansen train in Japan, and its design inspiration also came from this. The silver color was also called "silver bullet" by many fans.

However, the existence of full-length air cushion is not only a device, it has a strong stabilizing effect on the sole of the foot when it moves.

When you see all the shoes of air max series, you will notice the transparent air cushion. This is a part of the beginning of the cheap air max shoes. The earliest air max 86 marks the beginning of the visible air cushion. 

After each, if strictly in accordance with the times, the air cushion area is actually gradually increasing, I can't say that the air cushion has changed the pattern of the sneaker industry, but its impact on nike shoes is indeed not small, now we can see the existence of air cushion in many styles. However, different air cushion names are different, such as air max, Air Zoom and so on. 

I'm not sure whether the cheap air max 97 is the connecting role of the air max series, but it must be the most special one in the air max series.

Besides the air cushion, the tight mouth and wear-resistant fabric bring good support to the foot. Of course, the 3M reflective strip around the shoe will make many people directly ignore the words of support. Because 3M reflective strip has always been an indispensable part of the cheap air max 97.

Nowadays, the cheap air max 97 has suddenly become a fashion shoe pursued by many people. Although it's a replica, it's not so easy to buy. The silver color air max 97 is the most difficult to get. If there is one, it's probably going to enter the rush to buy.

 Cheap Air Max 97-White/Silver