Cheap nike air max 270 evaluation

The cheap nike air max 270 men's shoe is a new member of the air max family, with the thickest heel unit in the history of the air max series. Inspired by two classic shoes with large air cushioning: the air max 180 and the air max 93. A large nike air unit in the heel provides a soft feel, premium look and feel

 Cheap Nike Air Max 270-White/Pink

The cheap nike air max 270 is inspired by the air max 93 / air max 180 and is the largest air max unit in Nike history.


In fact, the shape of the cheap nike air Max 270 is quite pleasing. As long as the rear air is a more eye-catching color, it is also a sock style design. In addition, it can be seen that the shoe box is also a special shoe box with an exclusive air 270 logo, which is the same as the logo on the shoe box and the shoe body. It has a consistent design style of Nike, right?


The knitted upper and the non sewn rubber film design not only improve the air permeability, but also increase the side support.


It can be seen from this picture that the laces are not symmetrical. The inner side is slightly higher than the outer side. It is said that such a design can be more stable and fit. After all, our instep also has such a curvature, not from the toes to the instep at the same angle.


At the back, I wrote a big air on it, and 270 on the air cushion, which looks really delicious!


I have to mention that in addition to the large air cushion in the back foot, what surprised me about the cheap nike air max 270 is actually the foam material in the front foot. You can see the front one. In fact, compared with the air cushion, it seems that they all prefer the shoes with the foam material, such as lunarglide / flyknit lunar 3.... compared with the air max 20XX full air cushion series, Or the vapormax series, it seems that they all prefer the foot feeling brought by foaming materials, but I like the appearance of the big air cushion very much, but because I think the feeling brought by the front foot of the air max 270 is well handled, which is different from other shoes with only the back foot cushion, so I would like to share it with you!


The cheap nike air max 270 is the first air max designed for all day comfort, a blend of the '90s air max style and revolutionary air cushioning technology.


No.2 cheap the Nike Air Max 270 is inspired by the air max 93 and air max 180


Dylan Raasch, senior creative director of cheap air max shoes, said that the original idea was to mix air max 93 and air max 180, but finally decided to re conceive a new design, which led to the birth of air max 270. Dylan Raasch added that they started to study the actual shoe design after the air cushion unit was established.