2017 coincides with the 20th anniversary of cheap air max 97. This year, Nike also brought back this pair of classic old shoes in large quantities. But it is between the modern and retro running shoes. Compared with the old air max 1 or some retro skateboarding shoes, it seems to be a little difficult to control. Today, the original "metallic silver" color with a price of 6000 or 7000 was hyped in 2013 It was re launched around the year of, when it could be said that there was no interest, and it was once sold in the so-called outlet Changhuo Center for discount. But as time goes by, the change of the mainstream style of clothing makes this pair of old classics get attention again.

 Cheap Air Max 97-Black/Silver

Retro sweatpants with retro sneakers? This combination is absolutely normal, so it's definitely a safe match. After all, the undefeated x cheap air max 97 just made a whole set of sports suits!


Of course, there are also some popular camouflage pants in the near future, but you can definitely choose the 9-point or 7-point version, or pull up and tie the strap of work pants to show the handsome cheap air max 97!


The streamlined shape of the cheap air max 97 can be said to match the recent popular narrow version style, so it's right to choose the narrow version of the denim pants. No matter whether it's damaged or not, it can set off the classic shape of the cheap air max 97. In terms of color selection, you can choose some light colored tannins to make the whole body more retro.


To set off the unique metallic color of the cheap air max 97, black pants are absolutely the first choice!


If you want to show the classic cheap air max 97 perfectly, of course, you need to put on the pants! This is the inconvenient reason to set the shoes as the key point of wearing.


Is the cheap air max 97 very versatile? Have you figured out how to match it here?