How does the nike kobe 10 basketball shoes, Kobe's 10th anniversary masterpiece look like?

As the 10th signature shoe in the Nike Zoom Kobe series, the nike kobe 10 is an inevitable existence. In general, it is also a very good shoe.

 kobe 10 Orange

The nike kobe 10 has a very strong grip and is very comfortable to wear, so the user will not feel any load for several hours.

On the other hand, the low top design of the nike kobe 10 improves its flexibility and responsiveness, and its support level is the best in the Kobe series.

On the other hand, the dual shock absorption settings of Lunarlon and zoom provide excellent cushioning function, good support protection and durable upper.

Most testers claim that the nike kobe 10 has excellent locking, no sideslip, no left or right movement.

All in all, the nike kobe 10 continues the quality of Kobe's collection and is a great shoe to start with!

Unfortunately, Kobe has left us forever. But his Mamba spirit will always inspire us to move on.We will miss him greatly. Mamba forever.Kobe 10 is the boot he used to wear. Now we can't see its owner any more