LeBron James Basketball Shoes are always heavy-duty, after all, the feeling of feet is also very good, but many partners complain that the insole is not easy to step on, so lebron 17 basketball shoes air cushion is easy to break? Will it crack? Let's have a look.

Nike LeBron 17


As long as you wear it normally, it won't be so easy to break. Don't step on those sharp stones casually. Don't deliberately kick the corner of the wall. It's generally OK. After all, air cushion is not intended to make it, it is not so fragile ha.

But at present, there is a small partner reaction. lebron 17 basketball shoes's air cushion is cracked. Let's take a look.

How many jin of lebron 17 basketball shoes air cushion can be stepped on

Nike lebron 17 basketball shoes air cushion is easy to step on. It's soft to wear. It's not suitable for defenders. It's easy to be bared and sprained. It's still easy to step on if it's over 180 Jin. Nike lebron 17 basketball shoes's air cushion is 3cm! lebron 17 basketball shoes has 6 new colors, and the separate air cushion design is powerful, worthy of the real king!

Why Nike lebron 17 basketball shoes shoes are so sour

On the one hand, your ankle strength is weak, the shoes are heavy, and you will be tired when you play.

On the other hand, this shoe is very tough, and its back paw is particularly elastic. Maybe you are not enough in weight and rebound your feet.

At the beginning, I also felt my feet were sore. Now I'm used to thinking that it's probably the most suitable shoes for me in recent years. Of course, my ankle strength is much stronger in this short period of time.Note: we have cheap nike shoes for sale,Free shiping ,Welcome to purchase.